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Clouds, mobility, IoT, virtualization, and SSL security are all contributing to much more complexity in the enterprise network. More network attacks have led to more monitoring applications needing access to data flows, more compliance requirements, and more security defenses.

Network monitoring, compliance, and security systems are only as good as the data they are being fed. Increase visibility across your network and even into public, private, and hybrid clouds. Troubleshoot faster and minimize downtime with network taps, bypass switches, and the industry's most powerful network packet brokers.

Are you an expert on network monitoring terminology?

If not, learn what all the terms mean. Becoming an expert is easier than you think. In fact, it is as simple as the ABC's of Network Visibility.

Increase your Network Visibility

Network Monitoring and Visibility

More applications coming from more locations on your network require constant monitoring. Make sure you architect your network infrastructure for growth and visibility. Better network visibility requires high performance network taps and network packet brokers to maximize your uptime at minimum operating cost.

Network Security Installed Right

Network security requires more than a firewall. It requires multiple layers of protection, high-speed SSL decryption, and programmable bypass options to increase the effectiveness of your security system investment.

Test your Network Security

Ensure your entire network architecture — including every network appliance as well as your cloud applications — can withstand the latest attacks. Simulate the latest network attacks mixed with realistic traffic.

Network Security Testing — BreakingPoint
Validate the security defenses of your network with a complete range of threat vectors mixed with the latest application mixes, user behaviors, and encryption.

BreakingPoint VE
Virtual edition (software-only) of BreakingPoint validates the security defenses of smaller-scale network segments, letting you customize the size of your application and threat traffic volume.

BreakingPoint on AWS
Amazon Web Services (AWS) edition of BreakingPoint validates the security of your AWS cloud applications with a complete range of threat vectors.

BreakingPoint Cloud
A software-as-a-service (SaaS) cybersecurity evaluation platform with the industry's widest range of breach and attack simulations.

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