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The Risk of Clouds without Visibility

Clouds help you get to market faster, save money, achieve scale, and gain flexibility. But traditional data monitoring techniques don't work effectively in the cloud. Without complete data access, you are vulnerable to security attacks and don’t have all the data you need to maintain network and application performance. Cloud visibility lets you deploy public and private clouds with confidence.


Get automatic visibility
into every cloud you deploy

Get automatic access to packet-level data from every cloud you deploy across your entire hybrid environment. Deploy a visibility solution that scales without limit, requires no manual effort, and needs no additional infrastructure.


Bulletproof your
cloud security

Validate your cloud security with simulations that use real application data and current threats at cloud scale. Get the insight you need to strengthen your security architecture.


Pinpoint the right data
to operate clouds efficiently

Increase efficiency and get the most from your monitoring solutions by filtering and pre-processing cloud data using customizable, drag-and-drop controls. Process right in the cloud or on-premises using your existing visibility platform.

Cloud Adoption Leads to Security Concerns

Cloud migrations are shifting to cloud operations. A recent survey found the mainstream use of cloud has increased user concerns about security and compliance in the cloud.

See All Your Cloud Data

Make sure your security solutions and performance monitoring tools get the relevant data they need to perform effectively and efficiently. Watch the video to learn more.

Evaluate Your Cloud Security

Safely simulate current threats and attacks in cloud environments to test your security and gain insight to proactively reduce your risk. Watch the video to learn more.

Cloud Visibility Ecosystem

Keysight works with the leading providers of security, application, and network performance monitoring solutions to ensure seamless interoperability with the CloudLens visibility platform.

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