Improve workflow efficiency with Design and Automation Software

Complex products require collaboration and insights that must be shared across departments and workflows. Most organizations use standalone products for design, test, measurement, and monitoring. Integrating design and automation software and hardware throughout your flow can lead to increased efficiency, decreased costs, and lower risk of errors.

Automation Testing Tools Connect your entire innovation lifecycle

To deliver innovative technologies that perform as they should every time — from prototype to production to operating in the real world — innovators need to transform their processes. That’s why Keysight has expanded its capabilities to bridge the gap between development points that used to be discrete. We now offer the industry’s most complete range of integrated hardware, software, and services for design and automation across the product development cycle.

Design Automation Software

Simulating your design before prototyping helps you avoid mistakes. It can also help you address crosstalk, signal integrity, power integrity, and other thermal issues. Our design tools cover RF/microwave, signal and power integrity, device modeling, and more. Our how-to videos have helped engineers take advantage of automation in their designs.

Connect your workflow with software solutions

Be confident in your results the first time using an electronic design automation (EDA) software you can trust. Keysight’s EDA software offers fast and reliable results, so you can verify your prototype early on in your workflow.

Deliver better results with automated test sequences that reduce the time you spend on validation. Simplify and optimize your test software development and overall performance.

Speed your development test equipment to meet tough demands. Our test solutions easily integrate and create a low maintenance test automation framework.

Automate your workflow with hardware solutions

Increase speed and efficiency by automating your testing. Keysight's extensive portfolio of hardware integrates seamlessly with software to ensure you get the best results with a test automation framework.

Design and Test Software Platform

Introducing PathWave from Keysight. The first design and test software platform created to accelerate your workflow by connecting every step in your product development path — from design and simulation, to prototype and test, to manufacturing — connected and integrated.

Solutions for Design and Validation Engineers

Automate, Accelerate, and Scale Across Your Workflow

Commercial pressures never relax when it comes to time-to-market and cost-of-test. Design and test software can make or break your success in highly competitive and accelerated product development lifecycles.

PathWave Test provides an environment to launch a portfolio of powerful measurement, test automation, and data management tools with a modern test automation framework. Empower your organization with simple, fast, and scalable software development across your entire test workflow.

Solutions for Network Equipment Manufacturers

Test Solutions that Integrate into Your Automation Environment

With development cycles increasingly compressed, network vendors need the right test and test automation framework in place to meet tough demands. Ixia’s test automation solutions help accelerate your products to market by delivering industry-standard test validation and results for your latest generation of networking products.

These tools are easy to use, support open source APIs, and provide smaller memory footprints and faster load times. Ixia’s test automation solutions provide a low maintenance automation environment at the scale and performance you require.

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