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SDN and NFV Solutions Help Maintain Visibility in the New Software Defined Data Center

SDN, NFV, and Virtualization For Enterprises

Virtualization and SDN increase your network utilization and agility. Getting visibility, however, into this software-defined infrastructure to validate application performance is challenging.

Our software-defined network solutions provide complete network-level visibility letting you test your virtual and SDN deployments. Whether deploying your broader network using SDN or deploying an SD-WAN, make sure you test your network with realistic traffic.

SDN, NFV, and Virtualization For Enterprises
SDN, NFV, and Virtualization For Service Providers

SDN, NFV, and Virtualization For Service Providers

Virtualized, software-defined network, and network functions virtualization architectures allow service providers to respond with unmatched scale and speed. Visibility access to measure application performance, however, is a challenge in virtual environments.

Our solutions help ensure your SDN-NFV applications meet performance expectations. We also help you eliminate blind-spots in east/west and monitor encrypted traffic across your virtual and software-defined networks.

Improve Disaggregated Visibility

Disaggregated networking solutions allow you to run best-of-breed network operating systems on open switches. This approach can be very cost effective in software defined data centers.

If disaggregation works for the network itself, it may also be right for your network visibility requirements. Whether deployed at the edge or aggregation layers of the network, Ixia's Vision Edge OS provides an effective but affordable way to bring visibility, replication, load balancing, and dynamic filtering to your data center.

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